Mühle x Meissen Porcelain Silvertip Fibre® Shaving Brush, Porcelain

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The most exclusive series of razors from Mühle, is made in collaboration with Meissen Porcelain.

This shaving brush is made by hand from beautiful Meissen porcelain. On the shaft is depicted the Chinese Ming dragon, which is characteristic of Meissen's perhaps most famous series of porcelain.

The Ming dragon is also a symbol of masculine energy, while the red hue is the color of happiness.

There is no doubt that the shaft is carefully painted with utmost care and attention by master craftsmen.

The shaving brush is made of Silvertip Fiber®, which are high quality synthetic fibers with the same properties as a brush of natural hair. The fibers are very soft, durable and dry quickly.

The brush has a knob size of 23 mm.

As something completely unique, it is now possible to have your initials hand-painted on the exclusive Meissen razor! Of course, it is on the Meissen Porcelain itself that the initials are painted on.
The price is EUR 80.
Finally, contact us at info@proshave.com if you want this option.
You should expect about 5 weeks delivery time.
Note: As this will be a custom-made order item, the right of return is waived.
Brush type:
Silvertip Fibre®
Knot size:
23 mm.
Item number:433 ED MEISSEN