Mühle Stand for Shaving Brush and Razor, Traditional, Kosmo and Purist

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With this holder you can easily park your shaving brush and razor so that excess water can drip off and the shaving brush can air dry so it is ready for the next shave.

This holder is produced in brass and finished in stylish chrome.

Fits the Traditional, Kosmo and Purist series - as well as the brushes in the Classic series.

Fits, among other things, the following razors: R 89, R 89 Grande, R 106, R 41, R 41 Grande, R 101,
and shaving brushes: 091 M 89, 091 M 106, 091 M 107, 31 M 89 and 31 M 106.
Ø 65 mm
75 mm
195 g
Item number:RHM SR SET