Mühle Stand for Shaving Brush and Razor, Stylo

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Hang your shaving brush and razor on a holder after your daily shave.

By letting excess water drain off, you ensure the lifetime of both the shaving brush and the razor, so that your shaving equipment remains in optimal condition.

This version is produced with a chrome finish and is a perfect match for the shaving brushes and razors in the Mühle Stylo range.

Without chrome, the world would lose much of its luster, and in the performance of our wet shaving accessories, it shows its best qualities. Chrome is corrosion resistant, very durable and has a luxurious, alluring shine.

When chrome is combined with other materials, their colors and shapes are highlighted in the best way.

This gives your premium shaving tools a special elegance and appeal when placed on your bathroom shelf.

This chrome holder is not only practical, but also an aesthetic pleasure. It ensures that your shaving equipment is organized and easily accessible, while adding a sophisticated touch to your bathroom.

By choosing a holder from Mühle, you invest in both functionality and style, making your daily shaving routine a luxurious experience.

Whether you're new to wet shaving or experienced, this chrome holder will bring both convenience and beauty to your equipment.

It is the perfect choice for the modern gentleman who appreciates quality and design.
Item number:RHM 70