Mühle Shaving Set with Fusion Razor, Silvertip Fibre® Brush and Stand, Stylo, Thuja Wood

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Mühle's series "Stylo" is the result of a revolution in the history of wet shaving.

The set is made of Thuja wood, also known as red cedar. The handle is made from the roots of the tree and has a noble and unique structure. The surface is sealed in a special process, and is therefore 100% waterproof.

The set contains 3 parts:

1. A razor
Fits Gillette Fusion razor blades.

2. A shaving brush
Which is made of the same materials as the razor. The brush is made of Silvertip Fiber®. These are synthetic fibers that dry very quickly and are extremely durable. The fibers give you a very soft and extremely durable shaving brush. If you compare it to a shaving brush in natural hair, do not use nearly as much shaving cream or shaving soap with the fibers to make a creamy and delicious foam.

3. A stand
Hang your razor and shaving brush on this stand after use, to protect them by drying under the best conditions.
Thuja wood
Brush type:
Silvertip Fibre®
Knot size:
21 mm.
Razor type:
Gillette Fusion
Item number:S 31 H 71 F