Mühle Shaving Set with Fusion Razor, Pure Badger Brush, Stand and Bowl, Vivo, Plum Wood

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Mühle's shaving kit is the perfect gift for your husband, girlfriend or just someone you love. The kit is complete and gives an experience with the shaving, as if he were in a real barber shop.

The shaving kit contains the following 4 parts:

1. A Bowl
To stir a delicious foam out of your shaving cream or shaving soap.

2. A
Shaving Brush The Shaving Brush is made from natural rough hair. A quality called Pure Badger, which is characterized by the fact that the hair is flexible and has a massaging effect on the skin.

The brush is referred to as a medium size.

3. A razor
Fits Gillette Fusion razor blades.
The razor has a good weight that ensures you a firm grip and thus a really nice shave.

4. A stand
So your razor and brush can dry after use and the excess water can run off.

In the upper left corner of the "Guides" tab you will find tips for the ultimate shaving cream of shaving cream or shaving soap. You will also find a guide to the perfect shave.
Plum wood
Knot size:
21 mm.
Brush type:
Pure Badger
Razor type:
Gillette Fusion
Item no.:
S 81 H 331 SF