Mühle Shaving Set with Fusion Razor, Pure Badger Brush and Stand, Vivo, Brown Horn

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The new "Vivo" series from Mühle is a further development and reinterpretation of the classic design. You get a beautiful shaving kit of really good quality at an advantageous price.

The shaving kit contains 3 parts:

1. A Shaving
brush The shaving brush is made with soft shapes that ensure a firm grip. The brush handle is made of brown horn, which is a very durable and durable material.

The shaving brush is made from natural rough hair. A quality called Pure Badger. Characteristically, the hair is flexible and has a massaging effect on the skin.

The brush is a medium size.

2. A razor
The razor is made of the same material as the shaving brush. It gives you a good grip and fits your Gillette Fusion razor blades.

3. A stand
To ensure optimum conditions for your razor and shaving brush, Mühle has manufactured this handy solid brass stand that lets the water run off after use.
Horn (imit.)
Knot size:
21 mm.
Brush type:
Pure Badger
Razor type:
Gillette Fusion
Item no.:
S 81 M 332 F