Mühle Set with R 89 Razor, Blade Guard and 10 pcs. Razor Blades

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Super delicious set with products from MÜHLE Shaving.

The set contains the following 3 parts:

1) Safety Razor (Item no .: R 89)
MÜHLES best-selling razor. This Safety Razor is made with closed comb, which is the most common type of comb.

2) Proshave Platinum, Razor Blades (Item no .: K 1)
10 pcs. of the popular and very sharp razor blades from Proshave Platinum.

3) Blade Guard (Item no .: KSR)
With a smart blade guard in hard plastic, you easily and quickly protect the razor blade on your Mühle DE razor. The blade guard is pulled down over the razor head and protects the blade from contact. Thus, you do not need to take the razor blade out of the razor after use.
Item no.:
R 89-SÆT1