Mühle Replacement Brush, Edition, 23 mm, Silvertip Fibre®

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A very smart and convenient replacement brush for your Mühle Edition razor.

The brush is made of Silvertip Fiber®, which is synthetic hair of the highest quality. The fibers that have basically the same good properties as a Silvertip Badger brush, but are a bit cheaper. A fiber brush is very durable, soft and durable. The right choice for those who do not want a shaving brush with natural badger hair.

Fits on the following series from Mühle
- Edition no. 1
- Edition no. 2
- Edition no. 3 The

brush has a knot size of 23 mm, and thus corresponds to a size L.
Brush type:
Silvertip Fibre®
Knot size:
23 mm.
Item number:433