Mühle Leather Bag, Medium, Cowhide

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Why go down on equipment when you're on the go? You don't need that at all. With this leather bag you can easily carry your delicious shaving device with you when you are away from home. That way, you are always guaranteed a perfect shave.

The bag is made of very high quality untreated cowhide leather. The natural material makes the bag very durable and when you use it, the leather becomes softer and takes on a new character. This means that the bag develops differently depending on how and by whom it is used.

The bag comes with compartments for shaving brush, razor, razor blades and shaving cream.

We recommend using any nourishing cream or grease made specifically for untreated leather.

The bag can easily be hung on a hook.
165 x 135 x 60 mm
240 g
Item number:RT 5