Mühle Aloe Vera

Mühle has created this fantastic range of products with Aloe Vera, which ensures the most beautiful shaving experience.

The products in the series are made from exclusive recipes that make daily wet shaving a sensual and refreshing ritual. The shaving soap and shaving cream will make boat skin and beard stubble ready for the next shave, giving you a much more comfortable one of a kind. Aftershaven soothes, moisturizes and nourishes, so that the newly shaved skin quickly returns to its starting point.

The Aloe Vera products have a refreshing scent composition of mint and oak moss. The content of Aloe Vera is taken from Aloe Vera plants in Spain's coastal areas. Aloe Vera is known for regenerating, soothing and moisturizing the skin - which means that the products in this particular series are ideally ideal for sensitive and delicate skin.

All products are made from 99% vegetable raw materials, beeswax and mineral components. The products' fantastic scent comes from essential oils and nature-like substances.

Mühle Shaving Soap, Shavestick, Aloe Vera, 37 gr.
Classic Shaving Soap in Practical Shave Stick.
Mühle Shaving Soap in Porcelain Bowl, Aloe Vera, 65 gr.
Gentle and soothing Shaving Soap in porcelain Bowl.
Mühle Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl, Aloe Vera, 65 gr.
Gentle and soothing Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl.
Mühle Shaving Cream, Aloe Vera, 75 ml.
Shaving Cream for sensitive skin. Protects optimally.
Shaving Soap in Bowl and Aftershave Balm. Aloe Vera.
Before 50.00 €
Mühle Gift Set with 3 Shaving Soaps
Set with 3 Shaving Soaps: Sandalwood, Sea Buckthorn and Aloe Vera.
Mühle Aftershave Balm, Aloe Vera, SAMPLE
Sample on Mühle Aftershave Balm with Aloe Vera.
Mühle Shaving Cream, Aloe Vera, SAMPLE
Sample Mühle Shaving Cream with Aloe Vera.