Mr. Bear Aftershave & Face Lotion, Golden Ember, 50 ml.
Soothes and moisturizes the skin after shaving or washing.
Mr. Bear Shaving Cream, Golden Ember, 75 ml.
Delicious and pleasant Shaving Cream with a masculine scent.
Mr. Bear Shaving Oil, 60 ml.
Softens the beard and acts as a protecting shield for the skin during your shave.
Mr. Bear Shaving Soap in Shave Stick, Mint, 80 gr.
Delicious handmade shave stick. With Mint scent.
Mr. Bear Shaving Soap in Shave Stick, Sea Buckthorn, 80 gr.
Delicious handmade Shave Stick. Scent of Sea Buckthorn.
Mr. Bear Aftershave Gel, Mint, 60 ml.
Delicious aftershave gel. With refreshing mint scent.
Mr. Bear Aftershave Gel, Sea Buckthorn, 60 ml.
Delicious Aftershave Gel. Fresh scent of Sea Buckthorn.
A classic Shavette incl. 100 x Derby Half Blades.
Before EUR 42.00
Beautiful and practical enamel mug.
Before EUR 25.30
Mr. Bear Shaving Bowl, Enamel
Beautiful and practical enamel bowl for your shaving foam.