Mr. Bear Accessories

At this site, you will find the assortment of exquisite accessories from Mr. Bear.

Below, you will find a handy comb that is perfect for your pocket. It is shaped like Mr. Bear's mustache and tailor-made to style your beard and mustache.

You will also find exclusive beard brushes that are great for longer, bigger beards and for your hair.

Use a beard oil or beard balm from Mr. Bear and make your beard easy to groom and style.

Mr. Bear Shaving Bowl, Enamel
Beautiful and practical enamel bowl for your shaving foam.
Mr. Bear Hand Sanitizer, 250 ml.
Moisturizing hand sanitizer without fragrance.
Mr. Bear Moustache Comb, 10 cm.
Practical comb for your moustache.
Mr. Bear Beard Comb, Maple Wood
Beard Comb with wide teeth. Made in Maple Wood.
Mr. Bear Beard Brush, Olive Wood
Brush with natural hair (boar). Handle in Olive Wood.
Mr. Bear Beard Brush, Travel Size, Pear Tree
Brush with natural hair (boar). Handle in Pear Tree.