Mondial Antica Barberia Beard Wash, Original Talc, 100 ml.

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A mild and delicious beard shampoo from Mondial's Antica Barberia Talc series.

Thoroughly cleanses the beard so it looks nice and delicious.

Leaves a comfortable, fresh feeling.

Advantageously used daily.

Finish with Mondial's beard oil, to add softness, shine and care.

Comes with convenient pump function in a minimalist and delicious packaging.

Use as follows:
- Used just like a shampoo
- Rub a few drops into your beard until it starts to foam lightly
- Let it sit for a few minutes for best results
- Rinse off with water

You will of course find Cologne, Aftershave Gel, Aftershave Lotion, Shaving Cream, Preshave Oil, Preshave Cream and Beard Oil in the same series.
100 ml.
Antica Barberia
Use for:
All skin types
Item number:BS-100-TALC