Maintenance & Care for Bikes

On this page, we have collected our products for bike care. The bicycle care is manufactured especially for the high demands that are required to care for, maintain and clean a bicycle, so that you can enjoy a well-functioning two-wheeler for many years to come.

A well-oiled and cleaned racing bike or MTB is almost half the fun. But with every bike ride, mud, dust, soil and dirt will settle on both frame and parts. If it is not cleaned after the ride, the bike - and especially its small parts - will be damaged and over time will not function optimally. We have products that protect the bike's shock absorbers, products that prevent the gears from getting stuck and make shifting easier, products that protect your bearings from rust and many more. Cleaners, oils and lubricants for your bike and all its parts. In other words: All-round protection for your entire bike.

Specifically, you will find bicycle cleaner, chain oil, silicone oil, Teflon™ spray, waterproof impregnation spray and much more. The products are of course made from the best and most effective ingredients - and are not harmful to either you or nature. In other words, you still don't have to compromise when it comes to your two-wheeled best friend.

Ballistol Ceramic Chain Oil BikeCer, 65 ml.
Lubrication for chain, cassette and gear. Protects against corrosion and repels moisture.
Ballistol Ceramic Chain Oil spray BikeCer, 200 ml.
Lubrication for chain, cassette and gear. Protects against corrosion and repels moisture.
Ballistol Bike Chain Cleaning Spray, 250 ml.
Easily and thoroughly removes oil and dirt from the chain without damaging the material.
Ballistol TeflonTM-Spray BikeDryLube, 200 ml.
Durable and long-lasting, dry lubricant for delicate bicycle parts.
Ballistol Silicone Oil Spray BikeSilex, 200 ml.
Lubricates and protects bicycle parts made of rubber, plastic and metal.
Ballistol Waterproofing-Spray Biker-Wet-Protect, 200 ml.
Waterproof impregnation. Extreme water and dirt repellent coating for clothing and shoes.
Ballistol Microfibre Cloth, 30 x 30 cm
High quality microfiber cloth. Perfect for maintenance and cleaning.