Ling New York Serum

Ling New York is recognized worldwide for manufacturing high quality products with very high efficiency. The products are inspired by traditional Asian beauty techniques, and the result is truly unique.

At this site, we are showing the assortment of Ling New York's facial serum. These serums are created with high quality ingredients and are referred to as cosmeceutical. In other words, they are skin care products that are more efficient than the usual skin care products one can buy on the market.

Ling New York's serums are designed to treat specific skin problems and offer targeted and efficient solutions. The active ingredients are blended with traditional Asian beauty secrets, so you are assured of powerful dosages that penetrate completely into the lower layers of skin and bring the best possible benefits.
Effective serum that smoothes and increases skin firmness.
Before EUR 106.70
Reduces visible lines on neck, jaw and décolleté.
Before EUR 123.50
Effective serum that smoothes and increases skin firmness.
Before EUR 10.50
Serum that effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
Before EUR 126.70
Serum with 12% vitamin C. Adds glow to the skin.
Before EUR 100.00
Serum for dry skin. Moisturizes and nourishes in depth.
Before EUR 100.00
Serum that repairs the skin and adds a lot of moisture.
Before EUR 80.00
Serum that adds oxygen to the skin. Gives a firmer look.
Before EUR 106.70
Serum that reduces skin redness. Ideal in the cold months.
Before EUR 100.00
Serum that effectively counteracts wrinkles and fine lines.
Before EUR 153.50
Serum with high antioxidant content. Minimizes lines.
Before EUR 139.40
Serum that prevents premature skin aging.
Before EUR 214.50
Effectively minimizes pimples and impurities.
Before EUR 46.70