LEA Shaving Brush

Spanish LEA has been manufacturing shaving products since 1823. LEA is a very well known and recognized brand in Spain - and, indeed, one of the oldest companies in the country. The products from LEA are really good and sell at a very sharp price so everyone can afford them.

If you are looking for your first shaving brush for a traditional wet shave, it is obvious to check out the LEA assortment. We do not recommend that you buy the most expensive shaving brushes in the beginning when you have not tried one of them before. So, start with a less expensive razor so you can learn the technique. You can always invest in (or wish for) a real Silvertip Badger brush later on if you are getting addicted to the universe of the classic gentleman!

LEA Shaving Brush, Natural hair
Brush of natural hair. 24 mm. knot.
LEA Shaving Brush, Horse Hair
Brush of horse hair. Knob size of 21 mm.