LEA Intimate Shave

Achieve a perfect, smooth, and irritation-free intimate shave with LEA. This series is specifically designed to make intimate shaving gentle and effective by preparing, soothing, and caring for the skin before, during, and after.

To achieve a pleasant and effective shave of the intimate and sensitive areas, it is important to thoroughly prepare the skin. LEA offers 3 care products for this purpose. The series includes a mild Scrub Gel that gently exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells and impurities, and prepares the skin for the subsequent shave. A Shaving Gel is designed to protect the delicate skin during shaving, allowing the razor to glide smoothly over the skin. Naturally, the series also includes an Aftershave Gel, which soothes, reduces irritation, and renews the skin.

All products share the common goal of optimizing the shave of intimate or sensitive areas on the body, so you achieve a completely smooth and beautiful result without red bumps and irritation.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced in intimate shaving, LEA’s products specifically designed for this purpose are the perfect choice for a gentle and effective shave of intimate areas - or shaving legs and other areas of the body.

Give your skin the attention it deserves with LEA intimate shaving.

LEA Products for Intimate Shave
Products for intimate shaving without irritation, redness and red bumps.
LEA Products & Razor for Intimate Shave
Products for intimate shaving without irritation, redness and red bumps.
LEA Scrub Gel for Body & Intimate Shaving, 200 ml.
Mildly exfoliating gel that prepares the skin for shaving.
LEA Shave Gel 3-in-1 for Body & Intimate Shaving, 250 ml.
A 3-in-1 gel for gentle intimate shaving and intimate wash.
Set with Razor & 2 pcs. Razor Blades.
Before 15.90 €
LEA Soft 3 Sensitive, Razor and 1 Blade (3 blades), Women
Razor for women. Gives an easy and gentle shave without irritations.
LEA Soft 3 Sensitive, Box with 2 Extra Cartridges (3 blades), Women
Razor blades for your LEA Soft 3 razor. Gives an easily and gently shave.
LEA Soft 5 Sensitive, Box with 2 Extra Razor Blades, Women
Razor blades for your LEA Soft 5 razor. Gives an easily shave.