Isangs Shaving Set, Eucalyptus & Pure Badger

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Super stylish shaving set for the man with a beard. The set contains everything he needs for his daily beard care.

The products smell of
Eucalyptus & Pure Badger

The set contains:

1) Isangs Aftershave Tonic, Frankincense, 100 ml. (Item no. AT01)
Antiseptic frankincense and "witch hazel" aftershave that reduces skin irritation, moisturizes skin, and helps heal small scratches.

Product is alcohol free and no essential oils added.

The scent comes from real steam-distilled flower water.

Helps stop bleeding from small lacerations, restores skin pH, soothes irritation, and moisturizes skin.

The products in the range are organic, vegan, fair trade and handmade in Copenhagen.

2) Isangs Shaving Soap, Eucalyptus, 70 gr. (Item no. TB01E)
Moisturizing and antiseptic soap for traditional shaving that helps the razor glide more easily over the skin.

Softens the skin and provides a thick long-lasting lather.

Extra vegetable glycerine is added to the formula to keep skin moisturised after shaving.

Suitable for traditional shaving with a shaving brush.

Recommended for all skin types.

The products in the range are organic, vegan, fair trade and handmade in Copenhagen.

3) Mühle Pure Bagder Shaving Brush (Item no. 81 H 331)
The new "Vivo" series from Mühle further develops and reinterprets the classic design of its predecessors.

The soft shape of the shaving brush ensures a firm grip. The handle is made of plum wood, one of the most valuable European woods. It is characterised by its dark reddish-brown colour and is considered one of the hardest woods.

The shaving brush is made of natural badger hair. A quality called Pure Badger. Characteristically, the hairs are flexible and have a massaging effect on the skin.

The knob size of this shaving brush is 21 mm and the brush is thus described as a size 1. Medium.
Item number:IS-SÆT-8