Isangs Face Care Kit, Emollient

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The ultimate face care kit to get a balanced and healthy skin. With Ylang Ylang.

This set contains the following 3 products:

1) Isang's Moisturizing Skintonic, 100 ml.
Gentle rose water and aloe vera skin tonic that attracts and binds moisture to the skin, as well as reducing inflammation and redness.

The product is alcohol-free

Soothes tired and stressed skin, restores skin pH and helps skin attract and bind moisture.

Use as follows:
- Hold bottle approximately 30cm. from face and blow 5-6 times.
- Allow to absorb for 1 min. and follow with Isang facial oil.

Scent of rose water with a slight undertone of apple cider vinegar

2) Isang's Softening Face Wash, Ylang Ylang, 80 gr.
Gentle sea salt face wash with avocado oil and extra vegetable glycerin that softens the skin and attracts and binds moisture to the skin.

Use as follows:
- Moisten face with lukewarm water.
- Moisten the bar and rub between palms to create a creamy lather.
- Massage the foam into the face using gentle circular motions, avoiding the eyes.
- Rinse with cool water and pat dry. Follow with Isangs' skin tonic and facial oil for the best possible skincare results.

The product is packaged in 100% recycled paper.

Scent of Ylang Ylang. The Ylang Ylang blend is made from 100% organic essential oils. A delicate, exotic, floral fragrance that is sweet and intoxicating.

3) Isangs Antioxidant Face Oil, Ylang Ylang, 50 ml.
A delicious face oil with the scent of Ylang Ylang from Danish Isangs.

The light, antioxidant face oil contains marigold oil and buriti oil. It reduces inflammation, softens the skin and protects the skin from harmful environmental influences.

The light oil consistency is easily absorbed without clogging pores.

Leaves your skin deliciously soft and supple.

Apply as follows:
- Using gentle circular motions, massage 4-5 drops of oil onto a clean, dry face and neck.
- Use after face wash and skin tonic, instead of a face cream.

Recommended for all skin types, mature skin, sun damaged skin, dry, stressed, or delicate skin.

Products should be stored in a dry place and avoid direct sun. Isangs Skintonic can be stored in the refrigerator.

The products in the range are organic, vegan, fair trade and handmade in Copenhagen.
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