Hair Comb

Here on this page, we have gathered our impressive selection of hair combs. Our combs are designed with care and precision to meet all your needs in hair styling.

The assortment includes various types of combs for every hair type and styling preference. Our range spans from wide-toothed to fine-toothed combs, and from casual everyday combs to more specialized styling combs.

Our combs glide effortlessly through the hair, helping to address any tangling issues and creating beautiful, well-groomed results.

Whether you want to create structure, add volume, or simply comb your hair with care, we have the perfect comb for you. Turn your daily hair care routine into a pleasure with our elegant and effective hair combs.

Truefitt & Hill Medium Comb with fine / coarse teeth, Horn, 150 mm.
Exclusive Comb made of natural ox horn. Fine/coarse teeth.
Truefitt & Hill Pocket Comb, Horn, 90 mm.
Exclusive pocket Comb made of natural ox horn.
Taylor of Old Bond Street Comb with fine/coarse teeth, 17 cm.
Handmade Comb with fine and coarse teeth. Long and narrow.
Taylor or Old Bond Street Folding Comb
Practical folding Comb for hair and beard.
Baxter Of California Pocket Comb, 13 cm.
Smart and practical comb just to have in your pocket.
Bluebeards Revenge Hair Comb, Liquid Wood
Comb made of an eco-friendly and strong alternative to plastic.
Geo F Trumper Comb, 5", Horn
Comb of horns with fine and coarse teeth.
Geo F Trumper Comb, 5”, Ivory
Comb with scattered teeth. Good for coarse hair types.
Geo F Trumper Comb, 7”, Horn
Comb of horn with fine and coarse teeth.