Full packs with double edge blades

Full bar razor blades are a popular way to purchase double edge razor blades. This allows you to buy a larger number of leaves at a time - and at a reduced price compared to buying the leaves individually. There is money to be saved by buying a larger quantity of DE Razor Blades. In addition, you don't have to buy razor blades several times a year, as one stick typically lasts for at least a full year of smooth, close shaves. There are therefore both financial and time-saving advantages of buying many, cheap razor blades at once.

Most bars typically contain 100 or 200 blades, depending on the brand. In each bar, the razor blades are supplied in small packs of 5 or 10 razor blades.

Tatara Platinum Double Edge Blades, 20x5 pcs. (100 pcs.)
Sharp blades of Swedish stainless steel and platinum coating.
Platinum and Teflon Coated Razor Blades for an ultra close and amazing shave.
Before 40.00 €
100 pieces. of the popular Double Edge Razor Blades.
Before 33.50 €
Derby Black Premium Double Edge Blades, 20x5 pcs. (100 pcs.)
New and improved premium quality of the legendary Derby razor blades.
Mühle Double Edge Blades, 20x10 pcs. (200 pcs.)
Super sharp Razor Blades for your Safety Razor.