Fragrance Samples for Women

It is often a good idea to try a perfume on the skin before buying the full-size product. That's why we created this category where you can find a great selection of fragrance samples on some of the exclusive scents we have in our range.

With a scent test on one of the luxurious scents, you have the opportunity to see if a given Eau de Toilette or Eau de Perfume is right for you. You also have the option of buying more scent samples so you can compare the scents on the skin - and thus more easily find your absolute favorite. A scent test will ensure that you avoid mistake buying and that you only buy a perfume, you will actually be happy for the next long while.
A scent with bergamot and citrus notes.
Before EUR 2.00
Exclusive scent with notes of leather and sandalwood.
Before EUR 2.75
Exclusive scent with notes of honey and bergamot.
Before EUR 2.75
Fresh and modern scent with green citrus notes.
Before EUR 2.75
Feminine and timeless scent of beauty and elegance.
Before EUR 2.00
Derek Lam Silent St., Eau de Parfum, Sample, 1 ml.
A feeling of total peace and purity with white musks and clean floral notes.
Derek Lam 2AM Kiss, Eau de Parfum, Sample, 1 ml.
A romantic perfume, that reminds of a beautiful, passionate kiss.
Derek Lam Blackout, Eau de Parfum, Sample, 1 ml.
A deeply romantic blend. Oriental, fresh, citrusy and fruity.
Apothia If Eau de Parfum, Sample, 2 ml.
Youthful, elegant and feminine fragrance.
Escentric Molecules Set, Molecule 01 +, 3 x 2 ml.
Samples on the 3 fantastic Molecule 01 Plus scents!
Apothia Bronzed Eau de Parfum, Sample, 2 ml.
The scent of tanned skin by a turquoise sea in summer.
Derek Lam A Hold On Me, Eau de Parfum, Sample, 1 ml.
Captive, bright and fresh — the promise of new love.
Fresh and floral scent. Tribute to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Anniversary.
Before EUR 2.75