Floris A Rose For ...

The fragrance 'A Rose For ...' was launched in September 2018. This is an oriental floral fragrance for women. A Rose For ... is unique to the person wearing it. The scent is accompanied by a gold pen, which makes it possible to write the name of the recipient on both the box and the vial and thus make the gift personal and unique. A Rose For?

'A Rose For' is a modern and dark scent with a confident, complex character. Although the primary note of the fragrance is rose, Floris has added other notes that support the aroma of the flower. Spice, orris, and forest notes take the perfume wearer on a journey of romance. The unique nature of the scent is found in the heart notes, where the floral balance of red rose is wrapped in delicate incense and orris. The scent rests on a base of warm wood notes from patchouli, sandalwood, and amber, which gives the perfume strength and depth.

"Named by you, a rose for you"

Floris Family Anecdotes:
The inspiration for this fragrance comes from the warm, elegant, and beautiful Morocco. Edward Bodenham visited the country in 2015 and experienced the amazing fields full of roses. He was intrigued by how the rose has the ability to interpret the identity of its natural origin. That is why he began to explore the classic scent note used by Floris in many other products.
Floris A Rose For…, Eau de Parfum, 100 ml.
An oriental flower fragrance for women.
Floris A Rose For…, Eau de Parfum, Fragrance Sample, 1.2 ml.
An oriental flower fragrance for women.
Before EUR 2.70
Floris Gift Set, Oud Trio
Contains the fragrances: Honey Oud, Leather Oud and A Rose For...
Floris Gift Set, 12 Days of Christmas
Luxury gift box with 12 exclusive fragrances.
Floris Gift Set, Fragrance Set, A Rose for…
A Rose For... in two sizes: one for the bathroom and one for the bag.
Floris Gift Set, Christmas Cracker
Scent A Rose For... in super atmospheric packaging.