Fine Accoutrements Razors & Accessories

At Proshave, our philosophy is that you should never compromise with your equipment - and definitely not when it comes to your shaving equipment. So at this site, we are showing our selection of shaving equipment and accessories from the exquisite American brand Fine. You will find all the accessories you need to achieve the ultimate shave.

At Fine, you will find many different shaving brushes that give you a fantastic wet shave every single day. In addition to a great shaving experience, the shaving brush exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells. The brush also helps to loosen and lift the beard stubble so that the soap can get under even the smallest stubble. It ensures you a close, smooth, and comfortable shave, without redness and irritation.

However, it takes a good soap bowl to produce a delicious shaving foam from your shaving soap or shaving cream. At American Fine, you will find soap bowls in different colors that you can use in connection with your soap and cream shave - and you are sure to find one that suits your taste.

We also recommend Fine's exclusive DE scraper. You can also find a shaving cream and soap and a matching aftershave in the same exquisite series.

Fine Silvertip Badger Shaving brush, 20 mm.
Brush made of Silvertip Badger. Handle of Resin.
Fine Angel Hair Shaving Brush, 24 mm.
Brush made of synthetic fibers. Handle of Resin.
Fine Shaving Bowl, Red
Make a delicious shaving foam into this bowl.
Fine Shaving Bowl, Black & Grey
Make a delicious shaving foam into this bowl.