Feather Half Blades, Professional, 20 pcs.

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These Japanese Feather Professional Razor Blades are good for all beard types.

The blade is comparable to a 4/8 "or 5/8" razor blade you may know from the Straight Razor world.

The thin blade offers great flexibility and adapts to the contours of the face.

The blade is 50 mm. long, 8 mm. wide and only 0.254 mm. thick.

To ensure blade sharpness and durability, it is double coated with platinum alloy and resin.

The blades come in a dispenser so you can quickly and safely get a razor blade from the package and easily mount it in the blade.

NOTE: The razor blades fit Shavetter exclusively in Feather's own Artist Club series.
20 stk.
Item number:PB-20