DR Harris Luxury Marlborough Shaving Stick, 40 gr.

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Made of the same excellent quality as the solid shaving soaps in wooden bowls.

This plastic container allows you to have a shaving experience out of the ordinary even when traveling. It's handy and very easy to use: Just screw up like a deodorant, and then you can use your shaving brush to magically shave the shaving soap into delicious and rich foam.

The barber soap has a slightly perfumed fun-like scent with notes of cedar and sandalwood. A real classic, but at the same time fresh.

The soap is made of the finest quality and provides a rich and delicious shaving foam that softens the beard and ensures a comfortable shave.

Fits perfectly with the other products in the Marlborough range from DR Harris.
40 gr.
Use for:
All skin types
All skin types
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