DR Harris Arlington Shaving Soap in Beech Wood Bowl, 100 gr.

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DR Harris is known around the world for making high quality shaving products - both in terms of ingredients and materials.

This shaving soap is a solid white soap of the finest quality.

When you use your shaving brush for this shaving soap, you get a delicious foamy foam that softens your beard and makes it ready to be shaved. The soap also gives your razor a good slip, which ensures an irritation-free shave.

The bowl is hand-turned in beech wood.

- Moisten your beard with warm water
- Rub the wet shaving brush into the soap until you get an appropriate amount of foam
- Apply the foam with the diet and soap the skin thoroughly
- And then you are ready to use your regular razor or your DE- razor

Shaving soap fits perfectly with the other products from Arlington series.

Once you have used up the shaving soap, you can buy a practical refill for it. That way, you avoid having to buy a new wooden bowl every time you need new shaving soap.
100 gr.
Use for:
All skin types
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