On this page you can explore the products from the Korean, experienced Dorco.

Dorco is a leading name in the shaving industry with a heritage of innovation and quality. With a history spanning decades, Dorco is committed to providing the highest standard of shaving products to men and women around the world.

From advanced razor blades to ergonomic handles and innovative shaving systems, Dorco offers a comprehensive range of products designed to provide a close, smooth and comfortable shave. Whether you prefer traditional double-sided blades or modern disposable systems, you can rely on Dorco for superior quality and performance.

Explore our selection of Dorco products and experience the difference by choosing a brand that has set the standard for shaving quality for decades.

Dorco Titan Double Edge Blades, 10 pcs.
Teflon-coated razor blades in stainless steel.
Before 3.40 €
Dorco ST-301 Double Edge Blades, 10 pcs.
Classic razor blades for Double Edge razors.
Before 4.00 €