Depot Complete Leave-In Conditioner, No. 202, 100 ml.
Multifunctional leave-in treatment. Moisturizes, cares for and protects both hair and beard.
Depot Hair Treatment Oil, No. 204, 30 ml.
Counteracts frizzy hair, cares for it and adds shine.
Depot Invigorating Hair Treatment, No. 205, 100 ml.
Prevents and counteracts hair loss. Strengthens the hair.
Depot White Clay Serum Control Treatment, No. 207, 125 ml.
The ultimate solution for combating greasy hair and scalp.
Depot Detoxifying Spray Lotion, No. 208, 100ml
Detox spray for the scalp. Removes dirt, cleans and refreshes.
Depot Temporary Colour Mousse, No. 210, 100 ml.
Temporary color for gray or white hair. Counteracts yellow tones in the hair.