Depot Hair Styling (No. 300)

Each hair type needs its own specific styling products. The right combination of textures, active ingredients, and innovative formulas, creates products that will help you to make your own exclusive and long- lasting look.

Depot Matt Paste, No. 301, 75 ml.
Adds control and definition to hair. Provides strong hold.
Depot Clay Pomade, No. 302, 75 ml.
Creates texture and volume. Leaves a matte effect on the hair.
Depot Modelling Wax, No. 303, 100 ml.
Flexible wax with softening ingredients.
Depot Hold Strong Gel, No. 304, 200 ml.
Provides strong hold and maximum shine. Perfect for a wet look.
Depot Volumizer Spray, No. 305, 200 ml.
Gives volume and control to the hair - as well as a light hold.
Depot Strong Hairspray, No. 306, 400 ml.
Moisturizing hairspray that provides strong hold and volume.
Depot Black Gel, No. 307, 125 ml.
Dyes hair/beard temporarily. Covers gray hair. Medium team.
Depot Texturizing Dust, No. 309, 7 gr.
Adds volume and structure to any hairstyle.
Depot Curl Designer, No. 310, 150 ml.
Tames curls, gives shape and control. Medium, flexible hold.
Depot Fiber Cream, No. 311, 100 ml.
Gives control and flexibility to the hair. Medium hold and shine.
Depot Charcoal Paste, No. 312, 75 ml.
Provides strong hold and texture. Delicious, soft texture.
Depot Medium Hold Gel, No. 313, 200 ml.
Gives a nice finish, flexibility and medium hold.
Depot Shiny Hair Wax, No. 314, 75 ml.
Gives definition, shine and medium hold.
Depot Fixing Pomade, No. 315, 75 ml.
The soft texture is easy to apply. Provides texture and strong hold.
Depot Styling Cream, No. 316, 125 ml.
Gives volume to all hair types. Medium team.