Caudalie Vinotherapist

The Vinotherapist range consists of delicious body care that moisturizes and softens the skin - the range is perfect for the luxurious woman who cares about her appearance and good quality.

The Vinotherapist range is known for nourishing, repairing, and protecting the body. The creams absorb quickly into the skin and are non-greasy.

In the range you will find creams for dry skin - both for the body, hands, nails, and feet.

Nourishes, repairs and refreshes feet.
Before 23.30 €
Cares, repairs and protects your hands and nails.
Before 20.00 €
Nourishes and repairs intensely dry to very dry skin.
Before 39.30 €
Moisturizes dry skin all day long. Non-greasy.
Before 26.00 €