Caudalie Vinosource-hydra

The Vinosource-hydra range is for the woman who needs an extra moisture boost - both during the night and throughout the day.

The Vinosource range is known to restore the skin's moisture balance, leaving it soothed, soft, and supple.

In this delicious and exclusive range, you will find face creams, serums, and a mask that reduces redness and gives the skin a beautiful glow.

The products are natural and are perfect for healing, softening, and nourishing dry skin.

Nourishing and regenerating night oil.
Before 44.00 €
Provides plenty of moisture and leaves skin soft.
Before 33.30 €
Cream with immediate effect on dry and dehydrated skin.
Before 33.30 €
Nourishing and soothing properties for sensitive and dry skin.
Before 34.70 €
For normal, combination or sensitive skin.
Before 33.30 €
Reduces redness and gives skin a beautiful glow.
Before 30.70 €
Deeply hydrates to restore skin's moisture balance.
Before 40.00 €