Caudalie Foot & Hand Care

Ultra-nourishing and protective foot and hand care from Caudalie that repairs fragile skin exposed daily to cold, wind, and sun.

In the range, you will find nourishing hand creams that reduce pigmentation spots, creams that strengthen and soften cuticles and repairing foot creams.

The products leave the skin softer and add a lot of moisture without greasiness.

Nourishing hand cream that reduces pigmentation spots.
Before 21.30 €
Nourishes, repairs and refreshes feet.
Before 23.30 €
Cares, repairs and protects your hands and nails.
Before 20.00 €
Nourishes, protects and repairs the skin of the hands.
Before 8.00 €
Repairing and nourishing cream for the hands.
Before 20.00 €