Body Lotion for women

A good body lotion does wonders for your skin. Here on the site we have gathered our selection of body lotions for women. A body lotion keeps your skin moisturized year-round and maintains your skin's natural moisture levels both summer and winter. Use a body lotion to get an extra fresh feeling after the bath or just when your skin needs extra moisture and care.

A body lotion has a nice, thin texture. It penetrates the skin quickly and therefore does not grease. A body lotion leaves the skin elastic, moisturized and well-groomed. In the assortment you will find firming body lotions that retain the youthful appearance of the skin. We also have very common versions that moisturize and nourish the skin. Some have a nice scent, while other lotions are more neutral. In other words, there is a version that matches your taste and your desires for the perfect body lotion.
Speick Natural Body Lotion, 250 ml.
Protective, herbal, moisturising care for the whole family.
Moisturizing spray for the body.
Before EUR 40.20
Moisturizing spray for the body.
Before EUR 40.20
LEA Body Lotion, 10% Urea, 400 ml.
Very nourishing and restorative properties. For very dry and delicate skin.
LEA Body Lotion, Olive Oil, 400 ml.
Very moisturizing and nourishing lotion. Good for all skin types.
LEA Body Lotion, Argan Oil, 400 ml.
Provides lots of moisture, care and nourishment. Great for extra dry skin.
LEA Body Lotion, Shea Butter, 400 ml.
Provides moisture, care and nourishment to the skin. Great for dry and sensitive skin.
RAZspa Hand & Body Lotion, 500 ml.
Rich and creamy lotion that will leave the skin soft and deeply nourished.
Apothia If Body Lotion, 237 ml.
Emollient and nourishing body lotion, added elegant and feminine scent.
Payot Herboriste Détox Anti-Cellulite Body Gel, 125 ml.
Intensive serum that minimizes cellulite. Makes skin smoother and more toned.
Payot Hydra24 Body Lotion, 400 ml.
A delicious, non-greasy body lotion that protects the skin from drying out.
RAZspa Ai Anti Irritation, 300 ml.
Targeted irritated and problematic skin. Relieves itching.
Abhati Body Lotion, 300 ml.
Nourishing, moisturizing, and softening.