Bob Kramer Slicing & Carving Knife, 23 cm - Euro Stainless

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Each Bob Kramer cutting knife carries its own unique damask pattern and displays a blade with incredible initial sharpness and excellent cutting ability.

With the 23 cm long blade you will be able to cut raw, cooked or fried meat, cut paper-thin slices of ham or pre-cut a roast like a professional.

The non-slip, ergonomically shaped shaft is made of Micarta, a multilayer material of canvas and resin, designed with stainless steel rivets.

The shaft is wet strong and dimensionally stable, it fits the blade perfectly and ensures a comfortable cut.

Bob Kramer - The Euro Stainless series has an ultra-hard blade of the homogeneous powder steel SG2, which is cast in 100 layers of steel of two different degrees of hardness. The CRYODUR® blade is cured in a special process, which includes ice curing at -196 ° C and ensures a hardness of around 63 Rockwell.

The special treatment changes the surface of the blade and results in the beautiful damask pattern. The wide blade provides a large grip surface and the rounded, polished edge of the blade protects the fingers from injury during work.

Originally sourced from the Japanese town of Seki, you will benefit from a reliable, high-quality kitchen utensil that features a hardened blade and ergonomic handle.

The core of the blade is made of SG2 powder steel, encapsulated in 100 layers of steel with two different degrees of hardness. This provides a durable cutting edge, as well as incredible initial sharpness and unique cutting ability.

CRYODUR® ice-cured blades provide extremely good cutting ability, corrosion resistance and optimal flexibility.

The Micarta shaft (a multilayer material made of canvas and synthetic resin) with stainless steel rivets and a decorative logo is dimensionally stable and moisture resistant.

Non-slip ergonomic shape shaft for comfortable knife handling.

Each knife is a unique work of art with a distinctive damask pattern.
23 cm.
Edge finishing
Honbazuke Edge
Blade hardness (HRC)
62-64 HRC
Item number:34890-231-0