Baxter Of California Wax & Styling

At this site, we are showing you the selection of Wax and Styling products from Baxter Of California, so you can get a general idea of their products.

A Pomade or Hair Wax gives you full control over your hairstyle. There is a product for every styling need - whether you want a matte or shiny finish, lightweight, medium, or strong hold, or a wet look.

All the products you see here from Baxter Of California are made from the best quality ingredients.
Baxter Of California Clay Pomade, 60 ml.
Gives an extra strong hold and a matte finish.
Baxter Of California Cream Pomade, 60 ml.
Provides an easy hold and a light, natural shine.
Baxter Of California Hard Water Pomade, 60 ml.
Provides a strong hold and a wet-look finish.
Baxter of California Hard Cream Pomade, 60 ml.
Provides a powerful hold and a light, natural shine.
Colors hair or beard temporarily. Covers grey hair.
Before EUR 25.50
Baxter Of California Clay Effect Style Spray, 120 ml.
The perfect ending to your hair styling. Provides strong hold.