Baxter Of California Shaving Products

Baxter of California has long been synonymous with luxury and masculinity. The products are not only a joy to see but also a true pleasure of scent and functionality. Below, you will find the most exquisite shaving products that make your shaving a real pleasure.

The Baxter Of California shaving cream acts as a protective barrier between the skin and the razor blade, ensuring a comfortable and very close shave. Using a shaving cream like this reduces the tendency towards redness and irritation associated with shaving. Furthermore, the product is antiseptic, and the high content of botanical extracts refreshes and soothes the skin.

Finish off your shave with a wonderful and moisturizing Baxter Of California Aftershave that is soothing and cooling to the skin. The aftershave is made from natural ingredients that add moisture to the skin and reduce the dryness that can occur during your daily shave.

Of course, you will also find Shaving brush, Scraper, and Shaving kit.
Baxter Of California Shave Tonic, 30 ml.
Moisturizing and nourishing. Apply before and after shaving.
Baxter Of California Super Close Shave Formula, 240 ml.
Award winning shaving cream for a shave without irritation.
Baxter Of California Shaving Set
Shaving set with Safety razor, Silvertip Brush and Holder.