Bath Oil

Below we have collected our selection of delicious Bath Oils. A bath oil is the ultimate form of relaxation and well-being. They are typically made from natural oils that moisturise, soothe and nourish the skin. When you take a bath with bath oils, the skin is left silky soft, smooth and moisturized.

Bath oils can be your salvation if you have dry or irritated skin. Their nourishing properties can help relieve redness, itching and dryness. You will find both relaxing variants that can calm body and mind - perfect for bathing in the evening. Or more invigorating flavors that boost you from the morning with energizing ingredients.

Using a bath oil is easy. You just add them to warm water so they can mix with the water and impart their nourishing properties to the skin. You can also use them together with other bath products, such as foam or salt, to achieve a real spa experience in your own bathroom.

Truefitt & Hill Bath Oil, 100 ml.
Nourishing Bath Oil with a lovely scent of lavender, lemon, rosemary and eucalyptus.