Ballistol Universal Oil spray, 400 ml.

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In 1905, Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil was taken into use by the Army, and the rumor of this "magic" oil with its many uses spread rapidly.

Since then, Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil has proven its worth in an extremely wide range of ways.

Universal oil is probably the most versatile of its kind on the market.

It cares for, moisturizes, cleans, protects and lubricates - at home, at work and on the go. Irreplaceable for crafts, home, hobby and industry. An indispensable product in your home.

Here we have listed some of the countless uses:

- Metal
Ballistol is widely used in the tool industry and for the production of scales and other precision instruments. Ballistol provides a protective alkaline film on the surface of metals, neutralizes hand sweat and other acid-corrosive residues, so that the surface is protected against corrosion. Due to its low surface tension, it is able to creep into the smallest cracks and fissures in metal surfaces. It cleanses and makes silver and brass shiny. Brilliant for maintaining tools and instruments in precision mechanics.

- Leather
Ballistol effectively protects leather from getting hard and dry, from water, insects and fungi. Residues of tannic acid in leather are neutralized. Dry leather softens and becomes elastic again. Light leather can get darker.

- Tree
Ballistol protects, preserves and rejuvenates all natural wood surfaces. It improves wood sorting and protects against moisture and insect damage. It is ideal for antique furniture - and shaving gear.

- Plastic and rubber
Ballistol maintains and protects oil-resistant synthetic material, preserves its elasticity and protects against drying out. It prevents sticky rubber on car doors in winter and renews the gloss of synthetic surfaces.

- Humans and animals:
Ballistol is made from natural ingredients. It is skin friendly and it is safe for both humans and animals to use it. Good at treating wounds, caring for dry areas and protecting hands. Ideal for cleaning animals' outer ears, for maker, tail hair, hooves, paws etc.

- Weapons:
Ballistol protects against corrosion, lubricates, cleans and acts against residues of powder, lead, copper and tombac. It creeps into the finest cracks and dissolves old dirt and resins of unsuitable oils. It neutralizes combustion residues. It also cleans, maintains and preserves the wood population and leather guns.

The oil is food safe, skin-friendly, completely harmless and completely biodegradable. Due to its pharmaceutically pure substances, it can also be used in the food production process.

Neither its use nor its natural degradation will pollute the environment. The white oil used for the production is absolutely pure from a medical point of view. Ballistol contains a harmless combination of antioxidants and medicinal oils so that it is not susceptible to aging.

The characteristic scent of Ballistol decreases rapidly.

Does not leave a greasy surface.

Comes with practical spray.
400 ml.
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