Ballistol Stingfree

The Stingfree series from Ballistol protects for up to six hours against annoying insect bites from mosquitoes, gnats, ants, ticks etc. Are you going to the tropical jungles of Brazil, the sparkling forests of Finland, the subtropical rainforests of the Himalayas, Africa or the subtropical zone of Australia? Stingfree has long convinced users that the product works in any part of the world. So Stingfree is successful on all continents!

Sting free contains moisturizing plant oils and thus protects against dehydration of the skin. And in addition, it has a pleasant scent. Contains UV-B filter which protects your skin from sunburn (sun protection factor: 6).

Stigfree is the ideal remedy for anglers, hikers, bathing nymphs and sunbathers. In other words, you should always have Stingfree with you on holidays and weekend stays both at home and abroad.

Stigfree is available both with and without spray in different sizes as well as in practical napkins.

Ballistol Sting-Free pump-spray, 20 ml.
Effective protection against insect bites. Travel size just to have in your pocket.
Ballistol Sting-Free pump-spray, 100 ml.
Effective protection against insect bites. With practical pump.
Ballistol Sting-Free Oil, 500 ml.
Effective protection against insect bites for up to 6 hours.
Ballistol Sting-Free wipe-box, 10 pcs.
Effective protection against insect bites. Practical wipes just to have with you.