Ballistol Accessories

The company Klever was founded in Cologne in 1874. In 1904, they developed the very special oil, Ballistol, because the German army needed an oil that could be used for the maintenance of weapons, but which could also be used by the soldiers for wound care, minor injuries and abrasions. .

In 1905, Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil was taken into use by the Army, and the rumor of this "magic" oil with its many uses spread rapidly. Since then, a number of new products have been added - this also applies to accessories.

Below we have just collected the delicious accessories that are found in Ballistol's range.

Ballistol Microfibre Cloth, 30 x 30 cm
High quality microfiber cloth. Perfect for maintenance and cleaning.
Ballistol Pump-Sprayer, Empty, for 650 ml.
For refilling Ballistol products. Note: Empty.
Ballistol Pump-Sprayer, Single, for 500 ml.
Pump-Sprayer suitable for all 500 ml. oil bottles from Ballistol.
Ballistol Tresor Can, 400 ml
Tresor Can with a secret room for storing valuables.