Ariana & Evans Shaving Soap, Mimosa & Melon, 118 ml.

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It's American Ariana & Evans, who is behind this super delicious shaving soap.

Ariana & Evans is a relatively new luxury brand with products for a perfect, traditional wet shave. A&E offers products with outstanding performance, excellent fragrances and fantastic effect.

This shaving soap is part of the Mimosa & Melon range. The shaving soap is characterised by the scent of green melon and cedar wood.

Mimosa & Melon has notes of bergamot, green melon, mimosa flowers, Tunisian sandalwood, Himalayan cedarwood.

The shaving soap is tallow-based and contains goat's milk and lanolin, among other ingredients. The formula is so good that Ariana & Evans' shaving soaps are often mentioned among the industry's absolute elite soaps.

So you get a shaving soap that ensures a perfect shave. Of course, you'll find an aftershave in the same fragrant range.

Made in the USA.
118 ml.
Item number:GG-27661