Abbate Y La Mantia Shampoo Bar, Dry hair, 125 gr.

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Treat your dry hair to luxury and care with Abbate Y La Mantia Shampoo Bar.

We understand that hair is the richest adornment for women and the most obvious charm for any man.

This Shampoo Bar is enriched with saffron pistil extract, which transforms shampoo into a cosmetic treatment for both the scalp and hair roots.

It has both a nourishing and antibacterial function, which provides a comprehensive care experience.

The vegetable and organic formula is designed not to attack the skin and avoid irritating dryness.

Use this Shampoo Bar directly on wet hair, massage it in and create a delicious lather experience.

Suitable for daily use and respectful of the scalp's natural pH value.

Provides intense hydration, protects against external influences such as UV rays and pollution.

It is also rich in oils suitable for handling hair dryers and hot winds.

Enjoy the scent of our Shampoo Bar with notes of vegetable freshness, lactic acid-based purity and soapy softness.

The cosmetic elements, including saffron, vitamin E and borage, work in harmony to give your hair the optimal care it deserves.
125 gr.
Item number:AYLM88