Mühle Organic

A complete range of care from Mühle with products for both face, body and hair. The products in the Organic range are made on the basis of the latest research and delicious, natural ingredients. The products have a clean and fresh scent.

The key ingredient is hand-pressed Moroccan argan oil, extracted by women in Morocco, of course, according to fair trade principles. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that regenerate, add moisture and promote blood flow. Argan oil gives your skin a boost of nourishment and care - and is also considered an effective antiaging agent. Other nourishing ingredients include Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, which nourish and soothe the skin.

The range is BDIH certified, which guarantees you organic and natural products. In order to obtain this certificate, a company must also meet some specific requirements in connection with procurement, production and machining. None of the products in the series contain synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, silicones, paraffin or other oil products. And then they are not tested on animals!

All products are unisex.

Mühle Aftershave Balm, Organic, 100 ml.
A protective and soothing Aftershave Balm with argan oil.
Mühle Face Wash, Organic, 300 ml.
A gentle and natural Facial Cleanser for all skin types.
Mühle Face Cream, Organic, 50 ml.
A delicious Face Cream with essential nourishing oils.
Mühle Argan Oil, Organic,  30 ml.
Intensive nurturing, moisturizing and nourishing.
Mühle Shampoo, Organic, 300 ml.
Gentle and nourishing Shampoo with argan oil. For all hair types.
Mühle Shower Gel, Organic, 300 ml.
A light and nourishing Shower Gel with natural ingredients.
Mühle Body Lotion, Organic, 250 ml.
Organic Body Lotion with nourishing argan oil.
Mühle Organic Pump for 250 ml. bottle
Practical pump for 250 ml. bottles. Makes dosing easy.
Mühle Face Wash, Organic, SAMPLE
Sample on Mühle Organic Face Wash.
Mühle Shampoo, Organic, SAMPLE
Sample on Mühle Organic Shampoo.
Mühle Aftershave Balm, Organic, SAMPLE
Sample on Mühle Organic Aftershave Balm.
Mühle Shaving Cream, Organic, SAMPLE
Sample on Mühle Organic Shaving Cream.
Mühle Face Cream, Organic, SAMPLE
A delicious Face Cream with essential nourishing oils.