YVRA 1958

Behind YVRA is Yvo van Regteren Altena. His fascination with perfumes was awakened in his teenage years when it turned out that, blindfolded, he could recognize and name even the vaguest of scents. In other words, his nose and sense of smell were extraordinary. Van Regteren Altena chose to make a career out of this ability. He became a journalist at a gentleman's magazine and expert in everything that defines good taste and a luxurious existence, including perfume. He traveled around the world, met some of the biggest 'noses' in the industry, and was influenced by their fascination with scent notes and the mixture of these. Slowly but surely, Van Regteren Altena discovered their secrets, and after many years of fieldwork he decided to create his own signature scent: YVRA 1958.

In a world dominated by synthetic and aggressive scents, YVRA 1958 strives to offer an elegant and balanced alternative with a personal twist. In the product series, you will find two scents that both exude masculinity but in a way that is unlike the classic European scents.