The Beautiful Mind - Vol. 1 - Intelligence & Fantasy, 100 ml.

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Intelligence & Fantasy - the first fragrance in the series The Beautiful Mind - is the result of a collaboration between Geza Schoen, the design firm Me-Company and Christiane Stenger, who is the five-time junior world champion in the World Cup in memory.

Geza Schoen is known for going against the fragrance industry conventions with the popular Escentric Molecule fragrances. But also The Beautiful Mind is created as a rebellion - a rebellion against celebrity scents, produced by people who are known only to be known.

His response was to produce scents that paid homage to special abilities. The goal was to create a scent that would appeal to both the brain and the heart, which would connect the mobility of the brain with the depth of memory. A tribute to the active mind.

"An ode to summer and its memories".
"A refreshing breeze followed by tropical flowers, irresistible woods and musk."

The top note includes magnolia buds, bergamot, mandarin, schinus molle (a signature note for Schoen) and freesia. The heart note is composed of osmanthus, rose oil, hedione and the most important ingredient of all, notes of the rare and precious flower of Tahitian tiare.

These amazing floral notes give the scent a wonderful fullness. The base note consists of cedar, musk, sandalwood and cashmere. The notes guide the thought of how the mind divides the past into series of vivid sensory impressions.

MeCompany created the packaging for Intelligence & Fantasy, which symbolizes memory and creative thought.
100 ml.
The Beautiful Mind
Top notes:
Bergamotte, Mandarin, Magnolia-knopper, Hedion, Schinus molle
Heart notes:
Tiara absolute, Rose, Osmanthu.
Base notes:
Kashmirtræ, Musk, Sandeltræ, Ceder.
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