Tcheon Fung Sing - Shaving Cream

At this site, we are showing the exquisite shaving creams from Italian TFS Turin. Tcheon Fung Sing, abbreviated TFS, has been manufacturing exclusive products for wet shaving since 1945.

These soft shaving soaps or shaving creams are made from natural ingredients and contain almond oil, cocoa oil, and refined coconut oil that nourish your skin in the best possible way and enhance its elasticity. It ensures a perfect shave with a minimum of irritation.

In the last few years, TFS has expanded their line to include even more exquisite scents. At Proshave you will find Pre-shave, Shaving cream, and Aftershave with the same scent, so you can get a really exclusive set with everything for your perfect shave.
Scent with spices and mandarin.
Before EUR 18.60
Scent of lime and patchouli.
Before EUR 18.60