Tcheon Fung Sing - Pre-shave

TFS is an abbreviation of Tcheon Fung Sing. An Italian brand that has been manufacturing products for shaving since 1945. At this site, we are showing the exquisite Pre-shaves, all produced in Italy at a very high quality.

Made from natural ingredients, these pre-shaves contain almond oil and cocoa oil that nourish your skin in the best possible way and enhance its elasticity. They ensure a perfect shave with a minimum of irritation.

The pre-shaves put a protective membrane on your skin so your scraper gets a much better glide. That way it gets hold of even the smallest stubble and that leads to a super close and smooth shave.

These pre-shaves come in a wealth of exquisite scents - and you will find both shaving cream and aftershave with the same scent, so you can get a complete set.
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