Tcheon Fung Sing - Aftershave

At this site, we are showing the exquisite aftershaves from Italian Tcheon Fung Sing, also known as TFS. Since 1945, TFS has made products for shaving in an absolute top quality.

These aftershaves are made from natural ingredients. They contain almond oil extracts that help your skin improve its texture and remove dead skin cells. They also contain important vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, and E, that nourish the skin, maintain a healthy and youthful glow, and help prevent signs of aging and infections.

The aftershaves below act as a soap that efficiently removes dirt and as a luxurious moisturizer. The mild solution will reduce redness and irritation by soothing and nourishing the skin with plenty of nourishment.

You'll find aftershaves in a wealth of exquisite fragrances - and you'll find both Pre-shave and Shaving Cream with the same scent so you can get a complete set.
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