Supply The Single Edge Razor 2.0, Matte Black

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American Supply stands behind this Single Edge Scraper, which is super easy and comfortable to use.

The scraper is made of the absolute best and most durable materials.

The scraper oozes dedication, quality, durability and functionality right down to the smallest detail. The scraper comes in a box reminiscent of the one you get an iPhone in.

In the box you get:

1) The
scraper The scraper is in the Matte Black edition. The scraper is a so-called Single Edge Scraper and thus uses Single Edge razor blades. The razor blades are in many ways similar to a classic DE razor blade, but are twice as thick and have only one sharp side.

2) 8 pcs. razor
blades The razor blades are located in an injector. It is through this injector that the razor blades are 'pushed' into the scraper. The trick is that you put the injector up to the scraper and shoot a slider back and forth. The slider ensures that the old razor blade is pressed out while the new razor blade is inserted. It is super easy and convenient and means that you will never have to touch the razor blade.

The Single Edge razor blade is super sharp, slides easily over the skin and provides a smooth shave. This is precisely why most people achieve an ultra dense, smooth and comfortable shave without irritation.

3) A custom setting set with 3 settings
The vast majority of multi-blade scrapers on the market have a "one-size-fits-all" approach to shaving. But since your skin, beard type and preference are unique, your scraper should be too. With this custom setting set you have the opportunity to customize your scraper to your needs. The parts allow you to easily adjust the proximity of the razor to the skin, thus achieving a shaving experience ideal for you. With the scraper you get three settings

- Mild / sensitive setting
Good for sensitive skin, short beard growth and for those who have not previously tried out a classic shave. Also ideal for days when you just need to trim the beard.

- Medium / Classic Setting
The most common setting option. The classic setting is rigorously tested, so it has the perfect shaving angle for the vast majority and cuts the hair precisely on the surface of your skin.

- Aggressive attitude
For you with heavy beard and long beard. Good for days when you need an extra close shave. Easily removes heavy beard stumps. Avoid this setting if your skin is very delicate.

Easily replace the scraper setting by loosening the screw on the back and inserting the desired version.

The scraper's design is in a class of its own, and perfect in any minimalist bathroom. Of course, you have the opportunity to buy a holder made specifically for the scraper so that it can really come to its own.

This edition is made with a nice, matte black finish.

Since this is not a DE scraper or a scraper that is angled in the same way as a DE scraper, you should expect a bit of getting used to being familiar with this scraper.

Unfortunately it is NOT possible to try and return it - We do not return used shaving equipment :-)
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